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About the BCHIMSS Mentorship Program

In response to member feedback, we're delighted to launch the BCHIMSS mentorship program this year. This program enables BCHIMSS members to improve their skills and knowledge by pairing them with an experienced industry mentor to provide one-on-one support and advice tailored to their goals. 

Mentees: Mentees are BCHIMSS members who are in the junior to intermediate stage of their digital health/health technology-related career (or who more senior but looking for help navigating a new role or area of work), and are seeking guidance with specific career or learning goals.

Mentors: Mentors are experienced professionals in the digital health/health technology industry who are seeking to share their knowledge and experience and make a difference in the community. 

As there's always something new to learn in our careers and everyone's journey is different, we don't have a specific "years of experience" recommendation that divides the mentor/mentee category. Some mentees may be experienced professionals dealing with new challenges, and some mentors may have less years of healthcare experience but bring a wealth of subject matter or role expertise in their focus area, or interesting and relevant experience before they entered the healthcare industry! Apply for the category you feel fits you best.

Program Details

The program is six months total in duration, and mentor/mentee pairs will meet one-on-one a minimum of 4 times in addition to attending virtual events as a group at the beginning and end of the program. Mentor/mentee pairs control their own meeting schedules and can meet either virtually or in-person according to their preferences; the BCHIMSS mentorship team will provide pairs with ongoing support as needed throughout the program. 

The BCHIMSS program team will review all submitted applications to shortlist several pairing options for each mentor/mentee based on the goals provided by the mentees on their applications and the background and skills of the mentors. As part of the program kickoff, shortlisted mentor/mentee pairs will engage in short interviews together and provide their feedback to the program team, which will help shape the final mentor/mentee pair selections. 

Program space is very limited in this inaugural "early adopter" cohort, and it may not be possible to find mentor/mentee pairs for every applicant due to capacity or mismatches in criteria. If you apply but there isn't enough space or an appropriate pairing for you this time around, we strongly encourage you to come back for the next round after the program capacity is expanded!

Program Application

The program application form gathers a range of information on goals and background/experience to enable the BCHIMSS mentorship program team to identify the best potential fits for mentor/mentee pairings and confirm program eligibility. 


Apply as a Mentee

Apply as a Mentor


Please reach out to us at britishcolumbia.info@himsschapter.org if you have any questions about the application process or the program. 

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