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FROM DATA TO ACTION:  Developing a plan to operationalise data to prevent overdoses and overdose facilities

A broad range of people suffer from opioid use disorders and are being claimed by the opioid overdose crisis. Understanding the factors that lead these individuals to opioid use and overdose is critical to developing effective interventions.  In December 2017, Statistics Canada, the City of Surrey, Surrey Fire Services, Surrey RCMP, Fraser Health Authority, BC Coroners Service and others joined together in a research partnership.  This partnership was formed to bring together data on the individuals who have experienced overdose events and fatalities and examine their case histories in terms of justice and health care involvement and employment status and other factors.  The data generated by the project will be critical to identify the primary risks and characteristics of those individuals most at risk of opioid use or overdose.  Now that the initial data analysis is completed, it is timely to address the key policy questions that arise from this analysis and begin to design new responses to reduce the risk of overdose and death in our community.

To access the supporting documents for the panel presentation please click on the document name. These materials will be available after the symposium.

For more information, please visit BC Ministry website resources:

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